Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Taking Baby Steps

Last week, on Twitter, I lamented that writing feels like I'm carving Mount Rushmore with toothpicks. And the more I thought about it, crafting new sentences has been a chore for about a month. I don't have the mean reds over lack of flow because what I'm laying down, I'm satisfied with. Case in point, yesterday, I conjured five sentences for an introduction to the Tom Paine book I'm finishing. Not brilliant but serviceable. Now, I will polish them off and see if I can turn the dial a bit farther. Like Bill Murray in What About Bob, I'm taking baby steps. It's working.


August West said...

The problem I have is that everytime I re-read what I write I think I can say it better and start changing things. I probably should leave it alone. I don't think I'm a perfectionist, I'm just nuts.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have been having trouble for a long time--probably because of my husband's illness. But a request for a story for a anthology seems to have kicked that bad boy away. Hope so anyway. Sometimes perhaps you need a new challenge to help with the old one.

David Cranmer said...

August?!? Where the hell have you been? Been like a decade that has passed, right? Good to have you back.

Patti, True about the new challenge. I've found reading/reviewing straight fiction has worn me out a bit.