Tuesday, October 10, 2017

About That Trailer

In 1977, at seven-years-old, I saw Star Wars at a drive-in movie theater and it charged my imagination like no movie before—I remember days afterward still buzzing with the andrenline high. Then came The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. Not the same shot in the arm but damn near close. The pitiful prequels followed that had their moments and if you closed one eye and squinted you could almost relive the magic. I liked aspects of The Force Awakens and forgave it for being the plot to the first movie and holy hell it was sure great to see Han and Chewie again. But on a second viewing, a few months later, I was completely bored and fast forwarded through chunks of stale dialogue, same old action. Rogue One was a step-up though I felt no emotional connection between the hero and her father because the opening moved too swift, lack of character development. Still, it's obvious these individual stand alones (Han Solo is next) have a much needed fresh package seal.

Now, earlier today, I posted the new trailer because I guess (pleading Pavlov's dog syndrome) thats what I am suppose to do. And I did as trained though I was underwhelmed to the max by my first glimpse of The Last Jedi. I liked seeing Luke Skywalker but have zero interest in Rey's journey of enlightenment. Because that was Luke's original journey and well it was completed in 1983 with the death of Vader and the Empire in ruins but fandom demanded it all keeps going so here we are again... and will be again until sales at some distant point fade. As if that's posssible, right? Yes, bah umbug! I'm old, ewoks. Though many of my friends on Twitter within the same ten years of decreptitude are way excited, looking to decipher every frame of this trailer and the seven-year-old kid in me is wanting the same level of excitement. I just can't give it to him.


Brian Drake said...

Ditto. The prequels and everything after Episode 6 are fan fiction and the Christmas Special is canon.

Alan said...

My tale of seeing those movies is very similar to yours David. In my case my Dad took me to see the first three, I took him to see the three prequels. Sadly he wasn’t well enough to see The Force Awakens, and although I got him a dvd copy he never got a chance to watch it before he passed away. I went alone to watch Rogue One, and will do the same for The Last Jedi I expect. These movies hold a special place in my heart.

David Cranmer said...

Brian, oh, that Christmas Special. Remember it well. :)

And I will watch the film when it finally arrives at Netflix. It feels DNA wired to do so. And, Alan, my dad and mom took me to see Star Wars (1977) and it remains a magical part of childhood.